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Certain audio frequencies bring back certain memories. If you play the right song, it can take you back to a specific point in time. Scientists at Delta University tapped into this phenomenon and, by mixing certain pitches and tones, created an audio file that can transport you back to your most emotionally unstable point in the past. For some, it is infancy. For others, seventh grade.

To test their theory, this track was played over the loudspeaker while several students were taking exams at a frequency so high it was barely detectable. Several things happened. Some students crumpled their paper up in frustration. Others were found crying on the floor. Still others began to argue among themselves or with the teacher.

When one student flung themselves out the 10th story window, they had to close the project for good. However, the track was leaked onto the web and can now be found in the darkest corners of the internet. Listen… if you dare. 

fuck i’m scared…

*muffled sobbing*



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heteronormativity for dummies or, “why homophobes aren’t the only problem”

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long distance relationships

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Wondermark #1033; In which a Parade is questioned

No…one…waves like Gaston / visits Hades like Gaston / No one works off his sins in parades like Gaston

 More comics about parades 

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lemonbalmgirl replied to your post “I tried making a  mock-up for the dino skirt today, and the pattern I…”

You can do eet BB! <3

No I can’t. I have given up forever/until the weekend when I have more time to puzzle it out.

compromised-by-castiel replied to your post “In spring I’m going to be working with science alpacas, and I was…”

from my experience with alpacas, do not look them in the eye, do not try and pat them on the head, try and avoid walking close behind their backs

I’m pretty content to keep my distance. I don’t trust animals that are tall enough to look down on me :p 




But why the last one though
what am I not getting

I can’t breath…I have not laughed this hard in years 

Okay, quick story about the last one- I go to this school too, and the creative writing teacher is rad as hell (like the kind to give out free coffee on fridays)

After all of the kids have submitted their short stories, he reads them all for the first time to his two kids, who help him grade them, in a way.

One time, a girl wrote a story about a sheep, named Trixie, making her dream come true by moving to the big city to become an actress, a singer, or whatever (he was pretty vague on the description) 

She took a bus and a few trains and finally ended up in the ‘Big City’, where she tries to make her dream come true.

Now I dont remember the exact sequence of events that came next, but Trixie the sheep eventually ended up becoming a prostitute mid-sentence.

Our teacher didnt really realize this at the time, since it was his first time reading it, and to his kids he was caught completely off guard. And lets just say he had to explain a few new concepts to his kids that night..

And that’s why we can’t write any more stories about Trixie going to the Big City.

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Flynn Rider has his priorities sorted. 

Flynn Rider is the only sane person in Disney.

other than


and him,


Okay but.

Flynn lives in a world where everyone’s well aware that there’s a magic flower that can cure anything, so is magic hair all that weird? And Rapunzel is not “insane” for being happy she didn’t drown. The hair wasn’t a shock to her. It’s HER hair.

Robert doesn’t “know” this song because he’s the only person in the park all joylessly bottled up inside himself and unwilling to accept optimism or magic or emotions.

And Kristoff is perfectly willing to marry Anna, like, 12 hours from this gif.

So maybe instead of “women are crazy and men are sane,” this is actually “men are willfully denying women’s realities and calling it sanity”?*

(*I have a lot of problems with the structure of Anna and Kristoff’s rapid romance and would not suggest it as a model of behavior to follow in the real world but this isn’t the real world and he’s also a hypocrite AND THAT’S THE POINT.)


Cause sewing never works out the first time.

My Cap tunic basically did. The only problem I had with the mock-up was that my hems were gross because I had the tension too tight for scuba knit. But the pattern worked well? 

The first pattern for this skirt was smaller and might have worked, but I decided to do things properly and measure myself rather than tracing clothes that basically fit (because one of the fabrics I’m using doesn’t stretch). So something has gone wrong between making the pattern up with my measurements and putting the mock-up together :/