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The most beautiful Game Boys ⊟

I love, love, love these. I am SO tempted to pick one up and throw on a front light mod, then not play any other console for the rest of my life.

These gorgeous floral paintjobs come from Georgina, who makes and sells customized portables through her friend’s shop. If you want to commission something like this from Georgina, hit up her Tumblr.

BUY Game Boy games, upcoming releases


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yeah i’m a Male Feminist ;) sex positive ;) pro porn ;) express yourself babe ;) don’t let the patriarchy stop you from sending me nudes ;)

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This promotion ends Friday, August 1st, 2014.

heavy breathing


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catherynne valente gets real about true detective on twitter

yeah i’ve been watching this recently and it’s really hard to pay attention to it b/c i don’t give a fuck about a single one of the characters, most of them are just there for marty and/or rust to be horrible to, and the plot i am aware is poorly-resolved. it’s pretty but there’s fuck all behind it. 

Everything I read about this show makes me want to watch it less, to the point where I would now rather eat a bucket of frozen piss. And I started out pretty keen to see it.

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Fitness magazines don’t help us get fit. Gazing at images of caricatured breasts, buttocks and biceps gives you the impression this is how a fit body should look, that every fit body needs to be shaped in the same vein. Fitness magazines use exactly these images to “inspire” women to look this way. Yet most of us can’t identify with what we are looking at because we don’t believe ordinary us could ever be them. 

[…] What are we teaching our young women who want desperately to believe that they too can be as ripped and shredded? They don’t realize what it takes to look so tight. They want to be there and harm themselves to reach an almost unattainable ideal. When will it be acceptable to lift heavy, building confidence and brainpower while strengthening your body, not concerning yourself with how cute your bottom looks in booty shorts?

[…] Being fit in a functional rather than sexual way means you are entirely capable of being powerful no matter what your height, bust size, shoe size or hair color. You are empowered from the depths of your DNA because you did the work, you earned your place and you walk confidently because of it. A functionally fit You welcomes all sizes, shapes and colors, your boobs and butt are incidental. What we really need to build in the gym is a sense of self and what we are capable of.

!!! But add boys/men


We’re talking about women right now. 

I am strutting along to work this morning. I got some red tights on and my little Marvel bodycon dress. And two jackets and a scarf and also an underlayer of tights, because it’s winter and it’s a little chilly outside. But I’m looking good and feeling good and I have a few appreciative looks as I’m striding along. And then I get to North Terrace and this woman who is coming from the opposite direction stares at me. But she’s staring at my crotch. And she looks puzzled and then amused? And I’m worrying that my dress has ridden up and I’m showing some reinforced crotch or something??

But no. I look down and, thanks to the layout of the fabric and the general sit of bodycon dresses, this is what is going on at my crotch. This is the panel that just happens to catch the eye.

Thanks, Spider-man. You’re really classing it up down there.




"you can’t be a pansexual, you’ve only been in three relationships and they’ve all been with cis guys"

oh sorry i wasn’t aware i needed the eight pansexual badges before i was considered a pansexual master


You must travel across the land

Searching far and wide

Defeat the elite four to get the Quadgender badge and then defeat your rival the Bisexual

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if The Incredibles sequel isn’t just called “Frozone” and beats out Frozen for the most successful and lucrative disney movie then i will be super disappointed

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evenings / mornings

I have a cute outfit picked out for GotG preview screening tomorrow, but the weather forecast is predicting THUNDERSTORMS and HAIL and I will be using public transport to dash from work to the cinema >(