• wing-hugs: that little chat snippet you posted was very enticing
  • im having a lot of images of balthazar trying a little to seduce cas by like grinding on him
  • and they get sort of into it and balth stops writing to touch himself and cas is like
  • wing-hugs: no
  • wing-hugs: keep writing
  • Me: and Cas grips Balthazar's hip, the tips of his fingers so close to Balthazar's hardness, tugging the denim of his jeans and Balthazar hasn't felt this desperate and uncontrollable since he was a teenager
  • Me: but Castiel does control him, reigns him in and whispers in his ear and Balthazar writes out ever dirty little description
  • Me: pants and presses his cheek against the backboard as Castiel rubs him through his jeans
  • bites the back of his neck and tells him to keep going
  • to keep writing
  • Me: "Because you did something very wrong, Balthazar. And i need you to be a good student now. To make up for it."
  • Me: And Balthazar gasps
  • the taste of chalk and the smell of dust and the press of Castiel
  • and he is coming like a teenager in his jeans
  • and thinking that this did not go exactly as he had planned.
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