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Ahh, hiatus forever. Damn. Anyways, I figured it was probably Meg, but I thought I'd ask, anyways. I guess while I'm sort of on the topic, you know when Sam went over to Cas' apartment and met Amelia and he felt like she reacted oddly to him? Why was that?
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Sorry for the lateness of my reply!

I feel bad answering this one, because it’s a whole thread that never even really got touched on in the Fallen ‘verse. Basically Amelia had had a Jimmy in her life in the past and he had died, and then she had wound up with Cas as a neighbour and she has all of these tricksome feelings towards him. There’s nothing romantic or sexual there, but she’s more protective of him than perhaps she should be. She was a little wary of Sam because she knows Cas well enough to know that he’s interested.

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If I become a bother at some point, feel free to tell me. Anyways, I can't remember if I had any other questions about Bad Blood right now. I was wondering, though, what differences Lucifer in Fallen has to Supernatural's Lucifer? Since he's more pro-humanity.. did he start out not liking humans and then that changed or has it always been that way? I suppose the same (ish) question about Michael. How does he differ to SPN?
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(Now we’re talking about the Fallen ‘verse/Fanboy Sam series)

There are a LOT of differences. The story of Fallen is that the angels are lining up things on Earth in accordance with their Father’s plan - they step in and save lives or catalyse actions. The problem, from Lucifer’s perspective, is that the angels are paving the way to the Apocalypse.

Lucifer left Heaven a long, long time ago because he hated that his father had created beings with free will and then set the angels to the task of shepherding humans from one milestone to the next, negating their free will. He left because he could not see the purpose of this, and without his faith he was ostracised.

Lucifer took in the souls of humans who were not admitted to Heaven and he cared for him. He is merely an angel, and humanity has an energy all of its own that twists its environment, and those souls became demons. Lucifer could never turn on his children because he believed so strongly in the importance of free will.

Michael, in contrast, is an angel who does his duty and nothing else. His role in the first two seasons of Fallen is to aid the coming of the Apocalypse by nudging key humans in the right direction. Lucifer comes to him and asks why angels can interfere with humanity to bring about their destruction, but they can’t interfere with humanity in such a way as to save them. Lucifer trails after Michael and sometimes foils his plans and sometimes helps him, trying to convince Michael to side with him so they can sway the Host. Michael needs Lucifer’s help because Michael is too far removed from humanity, he cannot sway people as easily as Lucifer can and he doesn’t understand the best ways to motivate them. He initially alternates between ignoring Luci and trying to convince him to rejoin the Host.

Of course, the demons of this world have their own goals, and they’re not at all impressed that their father has ditched them for a roadtrip with another angel.

Team, I’m writing a fic where Balthazar takes Sam out on the town. Balthazar likes music.

Plz spam me with Eurotrash music recs.

Boys Don’t Talk About Their Feelings (Or: Part Seven - Fanboy Sam Talks to Everybody About His Feelings)

Summary: Sam tries to do the mature, responsible thing and completely ignore the tangled mess that is his love life, a new friend steps in and tells him to suck it up, and Castiel and Jo discuss the merits of Sam’s ass in jeans.

Word count: ~5,500

As always, you can check out the previous parts by pawing through the ‘fallen verse’ tag.


In French, you don’t really say, “I miss you.”

You say, “Tu me manques,” which is closer to, “You are missing from me.”

I love that. “You are missing from me.” You are a part of me, you are essential to my being. You are like a limb or an organ, or blood. I cannot function, without you.

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(Because I am sure, in the midst of SPN Finale Fever, THIS is what you really care about.)

Sadly there will be no Fallen posted this weekend, due to me suddenly moving house. If I can get my computer set up in the next few days then I’ll do my best to get this next part done, but I’m off to AHBL3 next weekend. That will be the third weekend in a row that I won’t be able to sit around in my jim jams and write about angels holding hands. I know, it’s a hard life I lead.

  • Castiel: - because of my family's connection to the church and God.
  • Balthazar: You Baptists.
  • Castiel: I'm not a Baptist.
  • Balthazar: Yes you are. You're from the South, and all Southerners are Baptists. I saw a program about it.
  • Castiel: Sou-? I grew up in Illinois!
  • Balthazar: Which is technically in the South. I googled it.
  • Castiel: ... You are being intentionally ridiculous.
  • Balthazar: That's a lie. It's not intentional so much as it's my natural state.


this post is here to remind everybody that “gråtrunka” is the swedish word for “crying while masturbating”

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This is what our teacher taught us on the last day of French class.  Did I mention she’s awesome?

#lol this reminds me of a study in winning

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