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oops surprise sastiel and dom!cas. facefucking’s one of those things that always strikes me as profoundly uncomfortable-sounding but i’m like yes good anyway

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SPN Fairytale AU: A Sassy Cinderella Story.

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him as childish. I enjoy when writers do that. Not sure how to say this, exactly, but making a point of the age difference (when it's well done) or traits that don't mesh. A lot of what I like about Sastiel has to do with the fact that the characters don't initially react well to each other but there similarities that I like.. If that makes sense. Show has sort of zigzagged around making them interact much so they're at a point where they /are/ friends but a lot happened off screen. I digress
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Ah, this is turning into a Sassy feels fest XD

On thing that I LOVE about Sam and Castiel’s first meeting is how layered it can be. Cas is basically a dick to Sam, but was he aware of it? (I vote yes. There’s a lot of fanon out there about Castiel not understanding humans and their feelings, but I think that every scene between Dean and Cas shows that Castiel understands a LOT about humans and their feelings.) And if Cas was aware of what he was doing, did he do it because he legitimately had reservations about Sam, or because not liking Sam was the party line and he was a good angel? Or did Castiel think he was being nice but he just didn’t bother to pull his punches? (This last one seems pretty typical for Castiel interacting with anyone, imho.)

But yes. Sam and Cas actually have a lot of parallels in their stories in seasons four and five. And I think that maybe Castiel’s season six arc is interesting when compared to Sam’s season four arc. Which has just made me wonder about whether Castiel and Balthazar are meant to be a mirror of Dean and Sam - both are stories of a character finding a lost brother and pulling him back into the fight against evil, but while Sam and Dean make sacrifices for each other Castiel sacrifices Balthazar for the mission. I don’t know, I just like thinking about angels…

Boys Don’t Talk About Their Feelings (Or: Part Seven - Fanboy Sam Talks to Everybody About His Feelings)

Summary: Sam tries to do the mature, responsible thing and completely ignore the tangled mess that is his love life, a new friend steps in and tells him to suck it up, and Castiel and Jo discuss the merits of Sam’s ass in jeans.

Word count: ~5,500

As always, you can check out the previous parts by pawing through the ‘fallen verse’ tag.

1. Nothing is Fair in Love and Tea Parties.

Human AU. Cas brings Sam home to meet his family and announce that they’re getting married now that it’s legal in NY. Sam thinks that everything will be fine. He’s wrong. Castiel’s family is freaking nuts.

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2. A Problem Shared is a Wedding Out of Control.

Sam survived meeting Castiel’s family, but he’s not so sure he’ll make it through Castiel meeting the Winchester-Harvelle clan without dying of embarrassment. Sadly, that’s the least of his problems with a wedding to plan and two families (plus friends and foes) joining forces in getting Sam and Cas to walk down the aisle.

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Come join the fun!

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Title: RSVP, ASAP 
Word count: ~2,000
Rating: M
Pairings/characters: Wincestiel (Dean/Castiel, background Sam/Castiel)
Notes: Written to accompany verucasalt123's ficlet My Eyes are Green.
Summary: Dean wants something that he can’t have, right up until Castiel points out the flaw in that line of thinking. Season five-ish.

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for ashley nicole.


Sam asks, of course, if Dean wants to come along. But he knows the answer before his brother even opens his mouth. A resounding no, spoken hoarsely from the edge of the bed where Dean is staring into the mouth of his flask as if there are answers at the end of the liquor.

They’ve been in town for a week and a half. They have other places to be, but the thought of climbing into the car and driving away without any resolution to the problem of Castiel makes them both incredibly anxious. Sam knows that much.

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