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Sketch Commission~
Tony Stark X Phil Coulson for: Kuro Itemri based on her RP
thankie~ i miss Phil so so much;w;

  • me: he is such a little shit he is literally a piece of trash i cant stand his face
  • friend: so you hate him?
  • me: no hes my favorite character


Okay but imagine Tony Stark as a trans guy tho. 5’2” with a total Napoleon complex and hits on anyone taller than him, which is almost everyone. Sleeps with anything that will fuck him, power bottom extraordinaire and a total size queen (because honestly of course he’d be a size queen)

His transition would have been all over the media and it’d forever be common knowledge so he never bothers to hide it or pretend to be cis because why the fuck make the effort? (Being trans makes the kidnapping and torture extra terrifying for him, but Stane instructed them to leave Tony’s genitals out of the situation because this wasn’t about that)

Tony preferentially hires other trans people, hence ending up with Pepper, and Stark Industries covers all transgender healthcare as part of its employee benefits

He’d get a lot of transphobic shit from the media for calling himself Iron Man, but Tony would just wave it off and tell the cameras that his dick is solid adamantium and they can suck on that if they can’t deal with his gender

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Ironhawk - undercover hawk

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This man




lets anyone


drive him.


He literally


is always


the one in the drivers seat.


He has a chauffeur 


that he drives. 

And then I realized…


There’s probably


good reason


for that. 

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I’ll just assume it’s both


She-Hulk 01

actually fun fact the crossing is sort of referenced in today’s she-hulk, which I am taking as tentative confirmation that it has been made canon again uwu





I have bought a number of nail polishes because of similar research. You know. To check the formula and shit. Yup, dedicated research. I don’t have a polish problem. Nope.

No, but…

This came on my dash literally as I was chatting with maskedfangirl about my Tony Stark related nail polish headcannons. Of which I have a surprising number. 

I am very interested in seeing these headcanons, and also any supporting materials such as polish swatches of manicure designs.

Ok, settle in for some absurdly detailed headcannons. NOTE that these are via my Family Dynamics verse, and some of them are a bit more verse-specific.

1) Tony has exceptional fine motor skills, we know this. So, one of his ways of showing attention and affection to Pepper (especially once she was a CEO, so buying her things got even MORE pointless) was to do her nails. Perfectly. Meticulously. Every cuticle in place. Just sustaining his attention on her for as long as it took to get the job done. And he’d pick her up bottles of nail polish when he was out and saw a color he thought she’d like- or that had a particularly horrible name. NSFW was his favorite name.

2) Once there are kids in the tower, he will let any of the kids paint his toenails any color at any time, provided they clean up the mess afterwards. This includes attempts at gems, drawing, ect. Glitter polishes are encouraged. He doesn’t care if the polish is bulky or catches on his socks because- he leaves them on. Nobody sees his toes anyways and they’re a little reminder he can carry with him all the time. He especially wont admit that the gaudy as hell Clair’s “Heroes” glitter line was his favorite after Alma stuck little crescent moons of rhinestones on them. They caught on his socks a ton, but that way he could feel them any time. Mainly he wont admit it because the color was Hawkeye purple.

3) Once, in a hotel they were staying at in London after an attack he heard Natasha up and moving around at 5 am when he’d woken up from a shitty nightmare, so he banged on her door and got her to join him and Bruce in Tony’s hotel room for blueberry waffles and scotch (an excellent pairing) and they made fun of movies until Tony fell asleep again. While he was out, Natasha painted his nails with a complementary “Caped Crusader” polish in the gift baskets the hotel had sent up that was supposed to be the color of Thors cape. Ostensibly this was a prank, but really she suspected Tony had wanted people around when he was edgy but sleepy, and did it to give him some not-totally-creepy contact to help him stay asleep, and to leave a little reminder that while he’d been out she’d stayed, and kept an eye on things, on him, and that she was aware of his trust to leave her with access to his body while he was vulnerable. All in a way he could brush off as a prank and not have to ever discuss. He took off the finger nail polish when they got home, but left the toenail polish on for 2 months, and she noticed it every time they were in the gym or pool at the same time. After that, she repeated the gesture now and then, leaving little reminders on him that the team has his back. She keeps to reds tho, because he’s an autumn. Once she did embellish it with gold, but usually he started flopping around in his sleep before she can get that detailed with it. And Tony figures hey, he’s woken up in a puddle of his own half-dried vomit before, a little bit of added burgundy isn’t going to hurt his pride or his reputation. And he never turns down sparkles.

THESE ARE EXCELLENT HEADCANONS. Wow, so many feels about toe nails ;____;