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so some of my old spn art is going around and uhhhhh


Fandom: Supernatural

Word count: ~3,000

Rating: PG

Notes: This was going to be a Calthazar AU, in which Balthazar has been in love with Cas for years and Cas is asexual and makes some bad decisions. Also, they are super-villains.
This is not a fic that is ever going to be finished, and what I have written ends abruptly. You have been warned :p

Reblogging here because I haven’t really pimped out my fic tumblr thus far.

calthazar au → sleeping beauty
cas as aurora & balthazar as phillip


Byyyyy Garama (Taken with Instagram)


does anyone else cry themselves to sleep at night because all they could ever want in life is for castiel to be safe and taken care of with the angels but because this is supernatural that will never happen?

no? just me? okay.


cas doesn’t understand sex terms good

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tawghasa replied to your post: supernatural! and hmmn, coffeeshop au?

You left out the part where Balthazar slips Castiel free cookies, and Castiel always stares at them for a really long time before eating them, wondering if Balthazar gives cookies to everyone.

I ONLY HAD THREE SENTENCES GIMME A BREAK no tho omghfdjg this is so cute im gonna cry ughndjsmhgb

Balthazar never gives Castiel sugar.

He sees the barista slip the single serve packets between the cardboard sleeves and the paper cup for other customers. He sees Balthazar place two across a plastic lid for a take away coffee, and place them on the neat white saucers beside modern, angular mugs for those patrons who are drinking inside on red vinyl seats.

It takes Castiel a long time to ask. Weeks of watching and observing after he first notices the discrepancy. He’s hesitant to ask, because he doesn’t want it confirmed that this is some sign that Balthazar cares less about Castiel than any other customer, that perhaps there is some rite of passage that must be endured because Balthazar gifts packets of sugar like disposable tokens of affection. But Castiel is curious, and he does ask.

Balthazar’s smile is warm, and cheeky, and oddly pleased. “Because I wanted to know if you were the kind of person to ask,” he replies. He lowers his lashes, his smile becoming a heated and private thing even under the bright lights of the busy franchise cafe. “Do you want me to give you some sugar?” Balthazar asks, incorrigible flirtation that always makes Castiel stutter.

Castiel takes his time, because that is his nature, before replying gruffly, “I’m not sure you have the sweetness to spare.”

Balthazar’s laugh follows him out onto the street. But it is a pleased sound, a warm bell that lets all those within earshot know that Balthazar has been amused and is celebrating. Castiel smiles quietly to himself, and savours the perfectly roasted flavour of Balthazar’s coffee.


AU meme: 

     → in which 2014!Castiel tells 2014!Balthazar about the plan to kill Lucifer, and Balthazar keeps his old promise to his brother.

Oceanic - art by tawg

Fanmix and headers done for the fic Oceanic by tacotheshark, which was written for the Balthazar Mini Bang. (Trigger warning for art: eyeballs.) Please have a look over the fic because it starts very odd and creepy and winds up in a very sweet place (also: Calthazar, so), and check out my fanmix because I spent forever on it and there may have been tears of frustration at one point.

Title: The Way to a Man’s Heart (Or: Fanboy Sam Has a Lot of Feelings About Interior Decorating)
Author: tawg
Word count: ~8,000
Rating: M
Pairings/characters: Sam/Castiel, mentions of Sam/Balthazar and Balthazar/Castiel
Summary: Sam does something nice for a friend. Castiel has the sniffles. Sam breaks out his domesticity-fu and Castiel appreciates the company.

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