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SARAH FERGUSON: However, do you accept that there is a hit in the way that you’ve set up the loan repayments that hurts women and poorer people more than it does high income earners? Do you accept that’s the consequence?

CHRISTOPHER PYNE: No, absolutely not. And I don’t accept it because what will happen at universities is that vice chancellors and their leadership teams will know that they should not charge and will not charge higher fees for courses which are typically going to be studied by people who’ll be nurses and teachers and therefore not earn high incomes over a period of time. Now, women are well-represented amongst the teaching and nursing students. They will not be able to earn the high incomes that say dentists or lawyers will earn, and vice chancellors in framing their fees, their fee structure, will take that into account. Therefore the debts of teachers and nurses will be lower than the debts, for example, of lawyers and dentists.

It’s like when I take a picture and think “I don’t look like that.” So I take more. And apparently, yes, I really do look like that.
Apparently I think that I have far fewer facial features than I do.
when you work it out, let me know?

Aside from needed a new face completely, I think that part of the problem is that I have a dark bedroom and a lot of sunlight coming in. So I can get my face looking 70% not weird but it looks like I only have one eyebrow because the other is so washed out etc.


I’m living in a nation where 70% of the media is owned by the same people who own this paper. As you can see, they are very fair and balanced in their reporting.

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I was feeling down, so I went and found some pictures that show Clark Gregg’s cute little tummy.

Oh hey, and that top one is available in high res, so that tumtum can fill your whole screen. You’re welcome.









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Halp. Drowning in Phil/Tony hatesex feelings right now.

Wait, is this a plea for help being enabled? I CAN DO THAT. :D

You should write Phil/Tony hatesex, along with Clint being all pining and angsty over it and then deciding to get Phil to hate him since clearly, that’s they only way they’ll ever hook up. Because Clint logic, FTW. 


And what if Phil does have a thing for Clint but he’s seen that relationships with Clint are rollercoasters and Phil just doesn’t have the energy for that yet what with everything that’s going on and then Clint starts acting really cold and antagonistic and Phil is just “Well, I guess I missed that boat. Okay then, I’ll manage”.

Heroes being bad at feelings: the thesis of probably every fic I write.


I love it when a plan comes together! MUAHAHAHAHAHAAAA I WIN

(don’t forget to include the part where Tony casually jokes about what a stud Phil is in the sack while the team is in the middle of a battle and Clint nearly misses a shot and Phil’s more upset about Clint’s aim than Stark’s mouth. WHAT? JUST HELPING OKAY???)

And after the mission, Phil pulls Clint aside because wtf happened out there but there’s a “chewing him out” vibe to the conversation and Clint just says “Well since I’m clearly not good enough, why don’t you get fucking Iron Man to do my job then.”

And Tony would be like “You are a little outdated there, Robin Hood” and Tony is referring the arrows but what Clint hears is that he’s some boring little element of Phil’s past now and Tony is the bright and shiny focus of Phil’s present and okay, FINE. WHATEVER, I HOPE YOU TWO ARE HAPPY.

And Phil is just “… What?”

Yes! And somehow Phil knows this is all Stark’s fault and they fight about it even if they don’t know what they are fighting about, really, and Clint just assumes that is foreplay and decides he wants in on it.

(Tony is SO confused.)

I’m meant to be putting these two superheroes back in their place but somehow we’re now having a threesome in my office and the pair of them STILL won’t stop arguing.

Will Phil have to get bossy and authoritarian to make them behave? Is he going to tell them that if they can’t share then he’s going to make one of them sit in the corner?



Jim Michaels taking a pics of everybody sleeping





P.S. love the shirt Mark

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i’m never going to be ready to talk about 7.17


i’m never going to be ready to talk about 7.17

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