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Jimmy Big Bang - round 3 discussion post!

Jimmy Big Bang has been a Novak-centric minibang. For round three we’re thinking of mixing it up a little. Do you like Novaks? Do you enjoy collaborative fanworks? Please head over the discussion post and see if we might be your thing.

Current suggestions for round three:

  • general fanworks exchange rather than a bang
  • mirroring the event on tumblr (ie, you would not need an lj account to participate)
You can use open ID to comment over on LJ, or you can reblog this post with comments/suggestions. Signal boosting would be appreciated.


Destiel Fairytale AU: The Little Merman

Asker whitmerule Asks:
Whoops, I fail at reading, I read #20 as a prompt - ie, give me an image and I will write a ficlet about it. Oh well! #6, then.
tawghasa tawghasa Said:

6. An idea I wanted to make work but never could.

I wrote a SPN fic called 'A Lifetime of Little Deaths' in which Castiel is able to travel along the line of his life and experience moments out of order. I was actually trying to write him as having a non-linear existence, and I don’t think I did that. While I’m still quite proud of the fic, I am annoyed that I never managed to pull off my original intention.


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so some of my old spn art is going around and uhhhhh


AU: Castiel as the Doctor (inspired by this)

I, I thought that I was so very over Superwho. But. I would read a fic of this.

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Phil Coulson as an angel

Fastest end to an apocalypse ever.

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Genderbent Supernatural - because why the fuck not

Scarlett Johansson - Deanne Winchester
Jennifer Lawrence - Samantha Winchester 


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Fandom: Supernatural

Word count: ~3,000

Rating: PG

Notes: This was going to be a Calthazar AU, in which Balthazar has been in love with Cas for years and Cas is asexual and makes some bad decisions. Also, they are super-villains.
This is not a fic that is ever going to be finished, and what I have written ends abruptly. You have been warned :p

Reblogging here because I haven’t really pimped out my fic tumblr thus far.



In 5.21 Two Minutes to Midnight, Castiel wakes up in a hospital and says ‘The Doctors were fairly surprised, they thought I was brain dead’

So according to their scans, Castiel’s vessel is brain dead. 

Which means Jimmy is completely gone. 
Which is sad as no one seemed to notice.

On the other hand, Jimmy has no control of his body when Castiel is in it.

Theoretically, Jimmy’s body doesn’t respond to outside stimulus unless Castiel responds to it. So the basic tests to check for brain activity - picking the hand with a needle, shining a light in the eye, water in the ear - would get no reaction. 

Did they run an EEG, which is not entirely reliable anyway? How does envesselisation work? Is Jimmy’s heart beating and is his brain still firing around the tight heat of an angel, or is the put put on hold and the innate Jimmy-ness tucked away somewhere safe out of fear that the glory will burn him out?

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