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What if Stiles is doing research & he finds a message board & asks some questions & some dude PMs him & is like ‘hi here is stuff I know’

And they chat and Stiles gets help from him sometimes & they actually become internet bros.

And the guy doesn’t give out his real name of course & neither does Stiles…

But the guy’s name is really Sam Winchester. What if, guys.


canon in my brain. 


Stiles would finally be like…IM me bro, & give Sam his screenname. & they would talk non supernatural things more & more often.

And one day Sam would like, mention Stiles’s parents or Stiles would mention just his dad & not his mom or SOMETHING & he’d say like “Yeah…My mom died awhile ago.” And its a hard thing for him to type, even now. And Sam would just be like.

“Mine too.”


The real question is, WHY IS THERE NOT MORE?


Dean Winchester logic > everything else 

My favourite part is the way Gabriel furrows his brows in the last gif, as if to say “Curses! The boy has a point!”

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does anyone else cry themselves to sleep at night because all they could ever want in life is for castiel to be safe and taken care of with the angels but because this is supernatural that will never happen?

no? just me? okay.


cas doesn’t understand sex terms good

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it starts with a bang 

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Asker Anonymous Asks:
Supernatural, you get to pick the pairing as long as one of them is Dean, secretly a virgin
tawghasa tawghasa Said:

Crowley/Dean - Dean is the virgin. And not just due to the re-hymenation - while Dean has had SO MANY make outs and participated in oral sex and mutual masturbation and frottage and so on, he has never had full on penis-in-vagina-or-anus action. He has not penetrated with dick, nor been penetrated by dick in return. It’s been a bit of a policy of his, due to seeing it as a symbol of attachment that could be exploited to his detriment. 

(I should point out that I am SO FAR BEHIND with Supernatural that I’m not sure who’s alive and who’s dead right now). But the premise of the fic would be that Dean needs to get Cas out of Purgatory and Crowley needs more than just Dean’s soul for this deal. Crowley wants the flesh and blood AND soul of Dean Winchester to do his bidding until the meat rots off Dean’s bones. Then Dean’s soul will return to the pit. Dean agrees, half-assuming that he will find away out of it later, and half-thinking that he deserves to finally become something definitely evil. 

TL;DR - virgin!Dean, taking the crossroads kiss to the next level.

For the fanfic trope meme.

“The Lord works…”

Just to add unnecessary commentary: this scene is why I HATE the trope that Castiel doesn’t understand humans and their customs and their bodies. Fics where Cas can’t tie Jimmy’s shoelaces? CASTIEL UNDERSTANDS AND UTILIZES CULTURALLY SPECIFIC BODY LANGUAGE. And he does it ALL OF THE TIME. He does it in his FIRST SCENE - the scene in the barn? The scene where Cas consciously increases and decreases the tension by turning his body towards and away from Dean? THAT WAS NOT JUST DUMB LUCK OKAY. He can damn well figure out a bit of string keeping his shoes on.

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I’ve been thinking a lot about 2014!Cas and the orgy. At first I was all, ‘why aren’t there dudes at the orgy? That would have been great about it would have been an earlier assertion that Castiel does not care about gender’.

But then I realised, ‘no, of course. You can’t just have people having sex without protection (because I bet they don’t have stockpiles of contraception in the Croat-infected future. Pregnancy would just be a really big, messed up thing and a drain on medical supplies, and would any of these people want to risk bringing a child into this world? Does that seem like a good idea to anyone? No’. 

So then I had to ask, ‘why is Cas there then? Is he infertile or maybe impotent? Does he not touch anyone at the orgy? Does he just watch these same-sex masses of bodies, seeing the pleasure and the comfort they find in each other, wondering why he has been unable to find such comfort himself?’ 

Maybe he’s just glad to be around people who can find peace and pleasure when he has given up hope of feeling either of those things again. 

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YOUR TAGS! I think I just fell in love with you a little bit.

Crafts day with Cas.

I JUST HAVE A LOT OF FEELINGS ABOUT ANGELS DOING CRAFTS. The apocalypse-that-wasn’t probably could have been averted if someone had just sat those archangels down and gotten them to finger-paint that shit out. 

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Guess what just opened for round two? Jimmy Big Bang!