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There are three stories that still need artists. Three out of six.That is just not right. If you’re willing to do anything to help out, please head over here

Rules for art:

Artwork must be a minimum of the following, depending on type of art: Manips, Fanmix, Artwork, Digital Artwork- 500x500px, or Vid- 1 min. Fanmixes must be at least 15 songs long and at least one piece of cover art and one piece of back art. You are required to create at least one piece of art from these options, but you may of course create more than that if desired. Icons and spacers do not count toward your obligation, but are of course allowed in addition.

 It does require you to have an LJ, but, look. This is Balthazar. We can find a way to make this work. PLEASE check it out.

ETA: Come oooon. Two more stories need artists or fanmixers or manipers. There is a Calthazar fic, and a Balth/Capn Jack Harkness fic. Get in on that action!